Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Does Spelling Count?

When learning new terminology, particularly in Anatomy and Physiology, many students ask "is spelling important?"  Compare these sets of terms to answer that question for yourself!

coxal versus coccygeal:

  • The "hip bone" is the os coxa, so coxal refers to the hip area.
  • The coccyx, or tailbone, is located at the very end of the vertebral column. It helps form part of the pelvis, along with the two os coxa.

peroneal versus perineal:

These two terms only differ by a single letter. How important is that letter? Let's find out.

  • peroneal is another word for fibular, referring to the side of the leg where the fibula is located (the lateral side of each leg). (Look, the link even says don't confuse it with perineal!)
  • perineal is the surface region between the external genitalia and the coccyx.

So what do you think - does that one letter make a difference? Lower leg or genitals - I think it does!