Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Toward the beginning of the semester, in both BIO 135 and BIO 137, we studied types of tissues.  At the time, we studied mostly Epithelial and Connective tissue types.  Later in the semester, we then looked at Muscle and Nerve tissues.  So for the final lab practical, all tissue types can be covered on the test.

Here are some examples of photomicrographs of each of the tissue types.  The link will go to the page, you may have to scroll to find the picture of the tissue.

Simple squamous epithelium
Stratified squamous epithelium
Simple cuboidal epithelium
Stratified cuboidal epithelium
Simple columnar epithelium

Pseudostratified epithelium
Transitional epithelium
Yes, it's the same link.  The top photo of the quiz is pseudostratified, the final figure on the quiz is transitional.

Adipose tissue
Dense regular connective tissue
Dense irregular connective tissue
Both are found here.  The top figure is dense irregular and the bottom figure is dense regular.

Hyaline cartilage
Elastic cartilage
Ground bone

Smooth muscle tissue
Skeletal muscle tissue
Cardiac muscle tissue

Nervous tissue (multipolar neuron)

BIO 135 Lab Model Photos

The following photos might be of use to you in studying for the lab final exam.